If it is not set as your homepage, the Faculty Home Page can be accessed via this link.

1.    From the Faculty Home Page, the Message Board can be accessed two ways: 1. "Frequently Asked Questions" title or 2. the "@Ameritech" menu item on the left.

2.    To ask a question, click the "Submit a Question" button. When the pop-up appears, select the category your question best fits under. If it is a very specific question, select a subcategory as well. Enter your question and hit "Submit".

3.    Your question has been sent to the proper authority that has the correct answer. Please be patient, you will be notified when a response has been given.

4.    When searching for an answer that may have already been posted, you can search or use the filters provided:

5. Questions with a general answer are the only ones that will be posted publicly. If there is a question that is deemed too personal for that, you will be responded to privately.