We currently accept all general education courses. General education courses vary by program. Those include: English, medical terminology, math (with passing in house test out exam), psychology, sociology, nutrition, anatomy and physiology, communications, humanities, and statistics. Each of these course may have different stipulations on how we can accept. “Ameritech reserves the right to accept or reject any or all credits earned at other post‐ secondary institutions; no academic credit will be awarded for experiential learning. Students may be awarded transfer credits for upper division general education courses by transferring in equivalent level general education credits (300‐400), assuming all transfer credit requirements are met. Transfer credit will be applied based on the course description and the appropriateness to the specific degree program’s requirements and curricula. Course quality, content, level, and amount of credit earned should be comparable to the current program’s curricula. For a course submitted for review to be eligible for transfer credit, the prospective student must have earned a minimum grade of “C”. Some courses may require an earned minimum grade of a “C+” or better depending on program specific requirements. Advanced Placement (AP) scores must be a three or better to receive transfer credit. Students may be awarded transfer credit for courses taken under a non‐traditional grading system (pass/fail) if grading scale and credits are defined on the transcript and all

transfer credit requirements are met.” (Ameritech College Catalog 2019-2020 Academic Year).