Enabling TurnItIn for Assignments

1. To enable TurnItIn for an assignment, click Edit on the assignment in Canvas. 2. Select Submission attempt criteria in Canvas. For unlimited attempts, "Show report to students" must be set to "Immediately".

TurnItIn Resources 

For Admin, Instructor, and Student Resources view the following resources based on your role. 


Example Verbiage for Assignments

When submitting your assignment in Canvas, a plagiarism checker called TurnItIn will be used. TurnItIn identifies student submission of original work.

It is the responsibility of the student to submit the assignment prior to the due date, to ensure that the Turnitin originality score is less than or equal to __%. Assignments may be re-submitted as many times as needed, before the due date, to achieve an originality score no more than __%. Assignments showing a score greater than __% will receive zero points for that assignment. Assignments re-submitted after the due date may be subject to a late penalty.

For additional information on Turnitin, including how to view the Turnitin report, please visit the following link:  https://help.turnitin.com/integrity/student/canvas.htm