NOTE: This article assumes you have already downloaded the Honorlock Chrome extension. 

  1. To check whether your Google browser has the Honorlock extension, click here
  2. For instructions on downloading the Honorlock extension, click here.
  3. To ensure your system and browser are up-to-date and ready for testing, click here for instructions.

PURPOSE: Ameritech uses two types of Canvas quizzes: Classic Quizzes and New Quizzes. Final exams use New Quizzes, which requires you to use the Honorlock Third-Party authentication process. 


1)  For a written tutorial with screenshots, see below. 

2)  For a video tutorial, click here. 


From your course, you will open two tabs in your Google Chrome browser: 

1) your final exam from Quizzes, Assignments, or Modules 

2) Honorlock proctoring

STEP 1: Open the assignments, quizzes, or modules tab to find and access your exam.

IMPORTANT: Keep your browser tab open and then move to the next step

IMPORTANT: Keep this browser tab open and move onto the next step

STEP 2: In a new browser tab, open the Honorlock tab. 

Step 3:  Next, find your exam and click Launch.

3. You will be directed to the Honorlock Launch Page for instructions and authentication. Click Launch Proctoring


Step 4: Allow Honorlock to access your device's webcam and microphone by clicking Allow.

Step 5: The authentication process will begin in another window, center your face in the frame, and take a photo by clicking Take Photo.

Step 6: Next, center your photo ID in the frame and click Take ID Photo

Step 7: In the last step of the authentication process, click Begin Room Scan and rotate your camera 360 degrees to show your entire test-taking environment and desk area. Confirm your recording of the room scan by clicking I'm Done

Step 8: Next, click Launch Screen Recording.


Step 9: Select the screen you wish to share and click Share

Step 10: At this point, your Honorlock window should look similar to the screen below. Click "Launch Exam".

NOTE: You may get an access denied error. Please ignore it and continue to the next step. 

Step 11: Navigate back to the browser tab that has your exam open. To enter the exam, bring up the Honorlock Proctoring window, in front of the Canvas password screen, and click on Insert Password. Doing this will drop the password into the password field for you. 

NOTE: You may need to minimize your quiz window to find the Honorlock Proctoring window again.


Step 12:  Now, you should have entered the test and can begin. To submit, click Submit Test. After clicking submit, you will receive the following confirmation.