What is the LIRN Library?

The LIRN library is an online library database providing Ameritech students free online access to:

  • Electronic books (eBooks)
  • Academic journals
  • Videos

Where can I find the LIRN Library?

The LIRN library is accessible to you through each of your Canvas courses, your orientation course, and the Online Student Resource Center. 

How do I access and use the LIRN Library?

Step 1: To access the LIRN library, navigate to one of your courses and click LIRN Library. 


Step 2: Once in the LIRN Library, click [1] Subject View then [2] Health and Medical.



Step 3: Click Ebook Central: Academic Complete



Step 4: [1] Use the search field to search by key term, book title, or ISBN. [2] Click Search.